Village Council

The Council members for the 2016-2020 term are (left to right): Deputy Mayor Keith West, Councillor Lindsey Fraser, Mayor Carson Atkinson, Councillor Dan Frenette and Councillor Shaun Ward


The elected members of the Chipman Village Council meet at 7 PM on the first Monday of each month (except when a holiday falls on a Monday, in which case the meeting takes place the following Monday)


Meetings are open to the public. If you wish to address the council on any issue, please send a written request to the office 24 hours before the meeting.


Our Village Council is chaired by the Mayor. There are four other elected members of the Council. Elections are held every four years.


Please note that in the table below, the areas of responsibility are listed in order of importance.

Mayor Carson Atkinson

Areas of Responsibility: 
• Village Equipment, Trucks & Garage
• Finance (shared with Deputy Mayor)
• Grand Lake Growth Committee
• General Administration (shared with Deputy Mayor)
• Public Works (streets, culverts and sidewalks)
• Personnel Committee (shared with Deputy Mayor)
• W.G. Bishop Nursing Home Board
• QNHC Advisory Board 
• Union Relations (shared with Deputy Mayor)
• Regional Service Commission 11 (alternate representative Deputy Mayor)
• Business Promotion Committee

Deputy Mayor Keith West

Areas of Responsibility: 
• Sewerage Treatment System (STS) including Treatment Plant
• Chair of STS Committee
• Sewerage Collections
• Union Relations (shared with Mayor)
• EMO (Emergency Measures Organization - oversee EMO Committee
• Regional Service Commission 11 (Alternate Representative)
• Grand Lake Growth Committee
• Bingo Chairperson
• Chipman Welcome Committee (committee of 5 or 6)
• Business Promotion (shared with Mayor)
• Recreation and Wellness for Seniors
• General Administration
• Municipal Buildings

Councillor Lindsey Fraser

Areas of Responsibility: 
• Library Board
• Library Premises and Grounds
• Summer Festival (Chair Committee and all events)
• Chipman Outreach Board Liaison (shared with Councillor Frenette)
• Parks & Recreation (Hamilton Baird Park, Tennis Courts, Stewart McLeod Park)
• Animal Control (Dog Licenses, Dog Park)
• Special Events Chairperson: Summer Festival, Santa Claus Parade, Canada Day (shared with Councillor Ward)
• Marina and Heritage Centre (shared with Councillor Ward)
• Bowling Alley
• Community Action Group

Councillor Dan Frenette

Areas of Responsibility: 
• Youth Recreation and Wellness
• Arena
• Ball Field
• Fredericton Solid Waste Liaison
• Policing (RCMP Liaison, Crimestoppers promotion)
• Grand Lake Growth Committee
• Chipman Outreach Board (shared with Councillor Fraser)
• Care 'n' Share Liaison
• Minlak Board (shared with Councillor Ward)
• Parent-Student Support Committee (PSSC)
• Business Promotion Committee (shared with Mayor and Deputy Mayor)

Councillor Shaun Ward

Areas of Responsibility: 
• Fire Department (Chair Advisory Committee, Chair Fire Department meetings)
• Fire Department Dispatchers
• Marina and Heritage Centre (shared with Councillor Fraser)
• Museum
• Marina (Chipman Marina Committee)
• Website Coordinator (promotion of Village, Website enhancement and Development)
• Bingo (shared with Deputy Mayor)
• Honorary Sergeant-at-Arms
• Fish & Game Liaison
• Special Events (shared with Councillor Fraser: Summer Festival, Santa Claus Parade, Canada Day)
• Youth Centre Liaison
• Minlak Board (shared with Councillor Frenette)

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