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Welcome to the Village of Chipman, located on the banks of the Salmon River, and at the head of Grand Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the Maritime Provinces.

Chipman maintains a peaceful, rural setting while offering year-round recreation, community events, and easy access to all needed services.


Historically, Chipman's industrial base was grounded in forestry, coal and brick. The tradition continues with the ultra-modern facilities of J.D. Irving Woodlands Ltd. and Grand Lake Timber Ltd, which process much of the abundant local timber, which is still the main focus of the area's economy.

Chipman is centrally located, a hub to the major cities of Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John and Miramichi.

But what makes it really special is its fine people and outstanding community spirit!

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Chipman's Flower - Potentilla canadensis (Dwarf Cinquefoil)


Dwarf Cinquefoil is a low-growing plant with 5 leaves, which is what Cinquefoil means, and 5 petals on the yellow blossom. It is rarely more than about 4" high. Dwarf Cinquefoil can be found growing as a wildflower in fields, woods and along roadsides. 

Wildlife is attracted to the flowers.  Small bees and flies seek their nectar.  Bees also collect the pollen.  The seeds are eaten by birds. Rabbits and groundhogs often eat the leaves.


Dwarf cinquefoil blooms beginning in early spring and flowering until early summer (March through June).